A Year Later, the Man With the Golden Voice Has a Golden Life to Match

Ted Williams pulls through

A year ago this week, Ted Williams, the ex-radio announcer from Ohio with the velvety voice who was living on the streets and battling drug and alcohol addictions, got his second chance. Discovered panhandling roadside by the Columbus Dispatch, he became an Internet sensation, eventually landing a voiceover deal for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. So, how is Ted doing today? Check out the Entertainment Tonight video below for an update. He's sober (after several attempts at rehab), living with his girlfriend in a nice condo (with a hell of a walk-in closet) and doing voice work for NECN. He also has a memoir coming out in May called A Golden Voice: How Faith, Hard Work, and Humility Brought Me From the Streets to Salvation. Ted's story could have gone either way there for a while. It's good to see him on solid ground.