Yankees brand ruling with an iron fist

As a brand, the New York Yankees have sustained their invincible aura. But that doesn’t mean people like the brand. In a new Rasmussen Reports poll, a plurality of baseball fans (26 percent) said they expect the Yankees to win the World Series this year. The Detroit Tigers drew 18 percent of the vote on this question, with the St. Louis Cardinals (11 percent) and New York Mets (10 percent) the only other teams to register in double digits. When fans were asked which team they’d like to see win the World Series, the Tigers topped the voting (17 percent), with the Yankees pulling 13 percent—just ahead of the White Sox (12 percent). The Cardinals (11 percent), Red Sox (10 percent) and Mets (8 percent) led the rest of the field. Ever delusional, a majority of Red Sox fans (54 percent) still think their team will win it all this year.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver