The 11 Grossest Fast-Food Abominations in the World

The EpicMealTime guys judge for us

For all the talk of healthier options at fast-food joints these days, what really seems to succeed is excess. In recent years, restaurants around the world seem to be competing to come up with the oddest, most sauce-slathered, diet-destroying dish possible. So, who has come out on top? We decided to ask the experts at EpicMealTime, YouTube's most popular gluttonous gourmets. Having made their own staggering culinary inventions, like the "84-Egg Sandwich" and the 75,000-calorie "BBQ Coliseum," they seemed like the perfect guest judges. At the link below, EpicMealTime host Harley Morenstein (r.) and chief cook Josh Elkin give us their thoughts on some of the world's most over-the-top fast-food fare, along with a "grossness rating," which we used to calculate the winner—the greatest of the gross. And in this case, the words "grossness" and "winner" are both pretty subjective.