World travelers look to FedEx Kinko’s

If you’ve recently suffered the embarrassment of traveling with an expired passport or, God forbid, you don’t even have one, AdFreak is here to tell you that part of the process has gotten much easier. And if you’re a U.S. citizen, you may as well apply for one, because come Dec. 31, 2005, all travel to and from the Caribbean, Bermuda and Central and South America will require a U.S. passport. “So what?” you think. Well, come Dec. 31, 2006, you won’t be able to drive to Canada for a dose of good neighborliness or hightail it down to Tijuana for some ribald reverie without a U.S. passport either. OK, now that we have your attention, here’s what we think makes the whole process easier (aside from picking up an application at your local post office). After doing a Google search for “places to get passports photos in lower Manhattan,” FedEx Kinko’s popped up among the first three listings. Who knew? And at two mug shots for $14, the price is about the same as it was 20 years ago. What’s even better is that in the age of digital photography, the kindly FedEx Kinko’s photog will redo the photo if you don’t like it, at no extra charge. We didn’t like either of two photos snapped but opted for the more “serious” look, so as not to annoy the poor person. Note to BBDO, which handles FedEx Kinko’s advertising: It’s not a bad idea to get the timely passport-photo message across in ads, eh?

—Posted by Kathleen Sampey