World’s best job apparently keeps you busy

Best Job

After only three weeks, Ben Southall, the 34-year-old Briton who won Australia’s much-touted, Cannes Lion-winning “Best Job in the World” is already receiving criticism that he’s falling down on it. Specifically, he’s accused of not updating his blog enough. Since July 1, he’s written seven entries, which, according to at least some of the 94,000 people who signed up to receive automatic updates, is not nearly enough. Tourism Queensland has also come under fire for giving Southall completely packed itineraries with no time to explore the reef privately or “to be more creative, humorous or personal in his reporting.” The tourism officials say that spotty Internet access is to blame for the scant blog updates, and they’ve vowed to give him a little more free time to enjoy the “unbeatable” Queensland lifestyle. But maybe he shouldn’t change a thing. If you do the math, his monthly income is averaging at $2,857 per blog post. I plan to cite this as the new industry standard during my next contract renegotiation with AdFreak. (Photo credit: Tourism Queensland on Flickr.)

Posted by Rebecca Cullers