Wonderbra App Gives You X-Ray Vision to See Beneath Model's Clothing

Peek at Adriana Cernanova's lingerie

Wonderbra has come out with a new "Decoder" app, perhaps inspired by the X-ray specs advertised in old comic books—or more probably by something very similar that outdoor-clothing retailer Moosejaw did about a year ago. Using the app, you point your smartphone at Wonderbra ads—print, outdoor and video—and it lets you see beneath spokesmodel Adriana Cernanova's clothing to her underwear. Spoiler alert: Since she's a professional sexy underwear model, you're going to see sexy underwear. The app also allows you to expand the ads for product details and such, but I don't see those getting much use. I feel like I should be happy about this, but modern technology takes all the fun out of being a pervert. After the jump, check out the campaign's YouTube video—which, after you switch it to HD, can interact with the app. Via PSFK.