W+K Made a Giant, Amazing Cuckoo Clock Out of an Oregon Maple for Portland Tourism

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Wieden + Kennedy recently created a pretty incredible out-of-home tourism installation for Travel Portland: the tallest freestanding cuckoo clock in the U.S.

Chainsaw sculptor J. Chester Armstrong carved the clock, made from a single Oregon maple, in the national forest just outside Portland. It took three months to make—with help from metal sculptor Nicolas Gros, clock designer/gear consultant Laurent Worme, electronics consultant Mark Keppinger and local illustrator Patrick Long (who did the illustrations for the clock face). The clock features references to a number of Portland icons—Mt. Hood, Portlandia, beer, wine, bikers, farmers markets, roses, rivers, bridges and even Sasquatch.

W+K recently took the clock—which thematically ties into the "Portland Is Happening Now" campaign—to Seattle and Vancouver for tourism events in those cities. Every hour on the hour, hand-painted, wood-carved miniatures appear when the clock chimes. The events also featured "Portland-themed surprises, like coffee and donuts, a poet reading, a comedian performance, a tax-free tea party and naked bike riders," the agency says.

The clock is 24.1 feet tall by 9.5 feet wide and weighs more than three tons. W+K is now looking for an indoor location in Portland to house the clock through the winter months. Check out more images below, all courtesy of the Portland Oregon Visitors Association/Travel Portland.


Client: Travel Portland

Project: "Portland Is Happening Now"

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.

Creative Directors: Hal Curtis / Antony Goldstein / Jeff Gillete

Copywriters: Becca Wadlinger / Jared Elms / Ian Fairbrother

Art Director: Nate Nowinowski

Designers: Patrick Nistler / Cassandra Swan

Media Team: Wieden + Kennedy

Interactive Strategy: Jocelin Shalom

Media, Communications Planning: Stephanie Ehui

Strategic Planning: Lisa Prince

Account Team: Ken Smith / Kristin Postill

Production: Byron Oshiro / Kristin Holder / Heather Hanrahan

Project Managers: Danna Dolich / Shannon Hutchinson

Studio Manager: Abby Marten

Executive Creative Directors: Joe Staples / Mark Fitzloff

Event Partners

Social Agency: Edelman Digital

Public Relations Agency: Lane PR

Digital Agency: Rally Group

Event Producer: Sue Cool

Design, Construction Team

Project Leader, Metal Sculptor: Nicolas Gros

Chainsaw Carving: J. Chester Armstrong

Clock and Gears Design Development, Consultant: Laurent Worme

Microprocessor and Pneumatic Consultant: David Butts

Electronic Consultant: Mark Keppinger

Welder: Cameron Visconty

Lead Carpenter: Matt Sykes

Fabricator: James Harrison

Lighting, Carpentry Assistant: Julia Zell

Carpenter: Dave Laubenthal

Sign Painting: Ardis Defreece

Miniatures and Clock Face Painting: José Solis

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.