Willie Nelson Covers Coldplay's 'The Scientist' for Chipotle Ad

Stirring animated spot backs sustainable farming

Attention, industrial farmers. Willie Nelson wants you to stop drugging your pigs and smashing them into compact, easily shippable pork cubes. So does Chipotle. So, the country icon and champion of family farms covered Coldplay's hit "The Scientist" for this two-minute-plus pseudo-PSA, commissioned by the sourcing-conscious burrito chain. It will start running in theaters come September. (The song is also on iTunes.) Created by animator Johnny Kelly, whose portfolio also includes work for brands like Bacardi, the spot tells the story of a farmer who, after cramming his livestock into pens and pumping them full of hormones, suffers a crisis of conscience and returns to his roots as a sustainable farmer. Hence the video's title, "Back to the Start," derived from the song's punch line. We'd love to know what Chris Martin has to say about this. If his spouse is any indication, he'll prefer heavily processed narcotics to heavily processed food. UPDATE: There's been no official reaction from Chris Martin, but the band did link to the Chipotle spot from Twitter, and offered this brief review: "Great cover, great short film."