Will you miss the AT&T logo?

Att_2Many in the design community seem to be in a tailspin now that SBC Communications says it will assume the AT&T name when it acquires the company but will develop “a fresh, new logo.” At the Design Observer Web site, Michael Bierut gives a brief history of Saul Bass and his famed “Death Star” logo and then adds, “Graphic design, unlike architecture, leaves no footprint. When one of the best-known logos in the world disappears overnight, the only hole created is in our collective consciousness. By New Year’s Eve, Saul Bass’s sphere will be no more. Will anyone mourn—or protest—its passing?” Is he just being sentimental, or is there a business argument to be made for keeping the globe image? The ensuing chatter from the peanut gallery on Design Observer is dizzying.

—Posted by Tim Nudd