Will Ferrell Will Do Anything for You, If You Just Vote for Obama

Tempting 11th-hour offer

Will Ferrell delivers the silliest and perhaps the most inspired presidential endorsement of the campaign season, donning a red smoking jacket and sporting a porny mustache as he offers to do "anything"—anything!—to get undecided voters to the polls today to vote for Barack Obama. He'll cook you dinner ("Hope you like angel-hair pasta"), help move your couch ("I've even got my own van") or give you a tattoo ("Fair warning, I do not know how to draw"). Ferrell also offers to eat "garbage, hair, human toenails, underpants." Sure, that's compelling, but I kept imagining Sarah Silverman offering to bite my toenails and eat my shorts instead. Ferrell's clip, which has topped 2 million views since it was posted on Saturday to the president's official YouTube channel, peaks around the :56 mark, when the comedian and Saturday Night Live alum strikes a sublimely stupid pugilist's stance and says, "I'll punch myself in the face. I don't care." You know, I believe he'll do that anyway, regardless of how people vote.