Will Ferrell Takes Old Milwaukee Road Show to Milwaukee Itself

Visits abandoned Pabst brewery

He went from Davenport, Iowa, to Terre Haute, Ind. And now, Will Ferrell has popped up in two new Old Milwaukee ads—in Milwaukee itself. This complicates things, since Old Milwaukee owner Pabst abandoned Milwaukee long ago, and this year actually moved its headquarters from Illinois to Los Angeles, of all places. In one new spot, Ferrell is seen shouting from the top of the old, broken-down Pabst brewery, in an area that's now being redeveloped into a hip urban enclave. "They used to make beer up here!" he shouts. "They used to make a lot of stuff here in America, and right here in Milwaukee! I think they should go back to making stuff!" Ouch—a little dig at the brand he loves so much? At least it hasn't left the country entirely. In a second spot, Ferrell is seen biking around Milwaukee, singing about how great it is. A third Terre Haute spot has also surfaced, which you can see after the jump. In other news, no one in any of these three cities apparently has the technology to upload decent versions of these ads to YouTube. Via The A.V. Club.