Will designers rev their engines for Intel?


Everyone wants to get in on the social thing nowadays, and tech companies are often ahead of the pack, for obvious reasons. Here's Intel's new effort: To promote the company's Core i7 Extreme Edition microprocessor, Web shop Razorfish is looking for digital designers to build short videos in an hour, using the same materials, around one of the brand themes of speed, power or innovation. The so-called Digital Drag Race has the necessary microsite, blog, live event in San Francisco and YouTube channel. Razorfish told me the campaign would make microprocessors sexy. Maybe. What I wonder is: Who participates in this kind of thing? I imagine lots of students. Two finalists get a trip to Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show to face off, along with an Intel-powered computer with Adobe Creative Suite software. In its first couple days, Intel's gotten only a trickle of entries

—Posted by Brian Morrissey