Will Coca-Cola land Jack White?

According to NME.com, Jack White is considering writing a song for Coca-Cola, which is looking to find the next “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.” The White Stripes declined an offer to be in a Gap commercial in 2001, but Jack sounded like he had somewhat mixed feelings. “We said no, and everyone said, ‘Why not?’ ” he said at the time. “It’s almost as if, if people are willing to give you that much money, you are insulting everyone you know by turning it down. People’s opinions about selling out seem to have changed over the years.” In terms of his ability, White would surely be as good as anyone at creating an iconic advertising anthem. As Sasha Frere-Jones wrote recently in The New Yorker, “Even when a White Stripes song flirts with the recherché and abrasive, it sounds as if it had always been in the air, as if you knew how to sing it before you heard it—something an older brother must have shown you how to play one summer in the ’70s, if you could just remember.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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