Wii U Commercial Is a Spectacular Dubstep Disaster

Spot crushed under weight of its grating music

Some readers felt we were being premature when we announced the death of dubstep at the hands of advertising earlier this year. But now you're going to wish we'd been right. Nintendo has released this 60-second spot for the new Wii U gaming console, and while the messaging is decent enough, the soundtrack is one of the most annoying in commercial history. A high-pitched dubstep screech builds to a shrillness of dentistry proportions while you're flashing from one family-friendly Wii U scenario to the next. By the end, I'm not sure I want a Wii U, but I'm damn positive I want that minute of my life back. According to YouTube and forum comments, gamers are more upset about Nintendo's focus on courting the Netflix-watching masses instead of getting back to its roots as the leading platform for gaming. Video-game industry types also wonder if Nintendo is making it clear enough that the Wii U is an entirely new console, priced at $300, and not merely a fancy controller upgrade for the Wii. Those are valid concerns, but for now, I'd settle for an ad that doesn't punish me for watching it.