Wieden’s purified-cow ad deemed not racist

Given all the weird, harmless advertising that's offended the British viewing public over the years, I'm surprised that the supposedly "racist" Cravendale milk ad above, from Wieden & Kennedy London, got cleared. The ad, which shows a black-and-white cow being "purified" by having its black spots removed, was accused of having an offensive racist subtext. But the Ad Standards Authority said viewers were "unlikely to interpret the visual representations of the purification process as being racist." Except for the 10 people who complained, of course. Cravendale's explanation makes a lot more sense. They used cows to represent milk because, after all, cows produce the stuff, and the spot removal symbolizes pasteurization. Now, let's all calm down and enjoy the companion spot below, which is totally offensive to slurping shepherds.

—Posted by David Kiefaber