Wieden + Kennedy Made 100 Ass-Shaped Vases for London Pride Week

Raising money, and eyebrows, for Positive East

The years have given us many campaigns for both HIV awareness and Pride. But this is the first time we’ve seen both subjects served with a ceramic casting.

For London Pride week, and to raise money for Positive East, a charity that supports HIV sufferers, Wieden + Kennedy London created a limited-edition set of 100 Arse Vases. As the agency tactfully puts it, that’s “exactly what it sounds like.”

Made with artist Fredrik Andersson, with help from W+K’s Freddy Taylor and Paddy Treacy, the “Arse Vase” is a vase in the shape of a “cheeky little arse.” And unlike that first run of iPhone emojis, it’s inclusive from the get-go. You can get them in pink, tan or brown, smooth or hairy.

Guess where the flowers go!

“The money raised from the Arse Vases will enable us to provide direct care and activities, ranging from counseling to group support, to more than 1,700 people living with HIV in east London over the next year,” explains Positive East’s Ian Montgomery, who manages fundraising.

“It will also support our HIV prevention activities and allow us to provide 1,500 free, confidential and rapid HIV tests and provide sexual health information out in the community.”

To construct the Arse Vases, W+K London donated £1,000 ($1,293) via its Spore Fund Scheme, which supports personal creative projects, ensuring coverage of all costs.

Otherwise, the Arse Vase has no financial backing. Its production run is limited to 100 vases, making this a conversation-starter you won’t want to miss out on. (Plus, its flat-bottom design is perfect for setting on top of artsy-fartsy coffee table mags.) Each costs £40 (about $51) plus postage and packaging, with all proceeds going straight to Positive East.

Look how whimsical they are when you get a whole set of smooth bottoms in their triage of shades. Toss in a hairy rear for added whimsy!

Score one at arsevase.com. You can also follow @thearsevase on Instagram, where neat posts like these enable you to better appreciate the fine feathering work used to create butt hair:

“In recent years, I have realized that as an artist you have a responsibility to give something back to the queer community that is such a big part of my life,” says Andersson, who’s no stranger to ass-inspired ceramic art. “The opportunity to do it in the shape of a bum was just the cherry on top.”

Lastly, the agency has kindly proffered both an email, thearsevase@gmail.com, and a hotline, +44 7786531978, which you can call if you have any customer support issues.

The hotline is a voicemail where you can leave a message. But in anticipation of the most critical question they’re expecting—”What if I get my finger stuck in it?”—the recording preemptively suggests Vaseline.

“Never underestimate the power of an arse,” conclude W+K’s Taylor and Treacy. All things considered, we agree. Though we’ve gotten our fingers stuck in worse places.