Why Esurance Quickly Took Down This Billboard, Even Though It Looks Fine

From a distance, there was a problem

Esurance learned a fun lesson this week: Always take a few hundred steps back and see how your billboard looks from a distance.

The Chicago board above, which carries the seemingly innocuous headline "Cover your home in a click," apparently looked mildly obscene to anyone who spotted it from afar. The "c" and "l" in "click" began to blur, and the sentence looked more like "Cover your home in a dick." (Which is clearly not sound advice from an insurance company.)

Things got worse when someone went and Photoshopped an image of the billboard to more clearly say "dick" and posted it on Twitter. And then, Esurance itself compounded the problem by replying to the tweet and saying the billboard had been taken down—but without clarifying that that particular image had been Photoshopped. (Deadspin, in fact, initially took Esurance's tweet as proof that it hadn't been.)

So, those are your lessons for the day. Look at your billboards from every vantage point. And don't admit to obscenities you never actually uttered.

This article was brought to you by the letters d, c, and lololololol.

Roo Powell is freelance contributor to Adweek.