Why are Sam & Max always near Stuckey’s?


Fans of Sam & Max (read: people with taste) have noticed that the pair's adventures frequently take them near a Stuckey's (or the derivative Snuckey's) roadside store. The Stuckey's people have caught on to this, and they interviewed Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell last month to ask why. Turns out back when Steve was a kid, Stuckey's was a "recurring oasis on the horizon" during road trips, so he built the experience of nagging his father to stop there into the game. Makes sense, given that many of the characters' quirks come from Purcell's childhood. Hopefully the iconic home of pecan logs will make it into future Sam & Max games, and it would be nice if Stuckey's returned the favor by selling stuffed jackalopes in their stores.

—Posted by David Kiefaber