The whole of England pines for…rum?

In this soon-to-air spot for Bundaberg Rum, a wide
cross-section of British society joins in a song called “We Wish England Was
Australia.” Why? Because Bundy Rum is only found Down Under, apparently. Good
luck deciphering all the lyrics to this atonal wonder, but it’s fun to try. Oh,
and your irony bit for the day: Bundy is owned by a British holding company. So maybe
their slogan should be “Made by one country, for one country only, to make
money for a completely different country.” Via Ads of the World. UPDATE: Duncan’s TV Ad Land says the spot’s by Leo Burnett,
Sydney, and that it’s to the tune of "Jupiter" from Gustav Holst’s The Planets
. Now I feel less bad about having it stuck in my head.

—Posted by
David Griner

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