Who cares about pro wrestlers’ lifestyles?

Wwemagazine Last August, we wrote about a TV spot from the Ultimate Fighting Championship that ridiculed pro wrestling, as exhibited by World Wrestling Entertainment, as “fake.” That item got a bunch of 14-year-olds all riled up; they’re still duking it out in an increasingly unpleasant and homophobic comments section. Here’s some more fuel for UFC’s argument that WWE is lame. Next Tuesday, WWE is launching a “men’s lifestyle magazine,” WWE Magazine, that will “focus on the lifestyles of WWE superstars and divas, their activities outside the ring, and what they like in movies, music, gadgets, fashion and other items of interest to young men in their 20s.” (The magazine has been created by folding two pre-existing titles, Raw and SmackDown, together.) UFC fans will be ecstatic about this news. Whatever their other flaws, they certainly don’t need a lifestyle magazine. They don’t need to read the fighters’ views on fashion. Nothing outside the ring really matters. They just want to see people’s faces split open.

—Posted by Tim Nudd