Which Is Your Favorite Poster From the Fall TV Season?

Here are 36 ads to choose from

Headshot of T.L. Stanley

Sarah Michelle Gellar shows a little side boob as the star of the CW's Ringer. Michael C. Hall sports bloody avenging-angel wings for Showtime's Dexter. The paper pushers from NBC's The Office re-create an impressionist painting. Those are among the standout ads for the fall TV shows, which started rolling out this week. Entertainment Weekly's James Hibberd collected 36 posters from some of the most anticipated new and returning series and rated them on salesmanship, aesthetics and impact. The awkward family portrait for FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Golden. (Grade: A). Clichéd spy-lite poster for NBC's Chuck? Goofy. (C+) I'm partial to the sex and death messages—Julianna Margulies looking supremely hot for CBS's The Good Wife, and Dana Delaney laid out on a morgue table for ABC's Body of Proof—and of course, the sex-and-death message in American Horror Story. Check out the gallery and join me in hoping that the spiky cool Revenge one-sheet isn't the best thing about that upcoming drama. 

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