Where’s the Fur-or over this campaign?

In accordance with Oscar Wilde’s adage, "Nothing succeeds like excess," the International Fur Trade Federation has launched an ad campaign decadent enough to make even people who aren’t always opposed to a little fur—like me—cringe. The 12-page advertorial, called "Furs & Chic," is running in August (and some September) issues of Elle and Vogue around the globe. Shot by Michel Comte and directed by Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani, ads show women in fur—lots and lots of it. One image (shown here) shows a woman in a fur jacket and a fur skirt resting on what appears to be a fur comforter. Isn’t that a bit much? As of this writing, PETA has made no obvious protest of this particular campaign, but we think it must be a matter of time.

—Posted by Mae Anderson