Where’s the ‘Happy’ in this holiday film?

Looking for a feel-good movie with the holidays here? See The Pursuit of Happyness  at your own risk. Despite the title’s promise of mirth and the poster’s father-son moment, this is no Happy Feet—or even, for that matter, Happiness. It’s a modern-day story of Job that’ll quell any urge to complain. Ever. About anything. Not that that isn’t a good thing. Just that the movie’s marketing can throw you off. Don’t go expecting “Happyness.” Even “Pursuit” may be a bit optimistic. Set your smile meter to “The,” and maybe then you won’t be let down. (And don’t expect to be grinning from ear to ear, either, while watching the the winning video submissions for the movie’s Ultimate Internship Contest.)

—Posted by Laura Blum