Where it’s Christmas all year round

Xmastree1_1I spent the weekend on the south shore of Boston, and though the sea, sand and cocktails were loads of fun, once again I came away thinking my favorite moment was when I got to go shopping at Christmas Tree Shops with the gals. If you’re not familiar, the New England-centric chain has nothing much to do with Christmas most of the year and everything to do with bringing out one’s low-rent Martha Stewart. Four cloth blue-and-white striped lobster bibs for $4.99! Six lovely pale yellow washcloths for $1.99! An Arts and Craft style rechargeable lantern for the back deck at only $12.99! The store is at its best when it brings out an uncontrollable urge to own an item that only minutes before you didn’t even know existed. Who knew there were Halloween-themed pet bandannas? Or ice cube trays that freeze water in the shape of apples? But for $1.99 apiece, why not? Yes, friends—it’s like Christmas every day at Christmas Tree Shops.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor