When you have no pay model to tear down

Free content is all the rage. Firewalls are falling. NYTimes.com and FT.com are already there. WSJ.com is next. At AdFreak, our searing wit and probing insight (mainly in posts I don’t write) have always been free. So, we’re going one step further … by paying people to read AdFreak. There are still some particulars to work out. For example, which nation’s currency should we use? Romania’s leu is most attractive. I broached the subject with my editor, who wanted to know where I got his e-mail address and why I won’t stop bothering him. Because I care so much, that’s why! We will be paying our readers. Maybe not today. But someday.
  Editor: AdFreak will not pay its readers.
  Dave: Yes, we will.
  Editor: You can easily be replaced by a striking screenwriter, you know.
  Dave: Did you actually see Wedding Crashers? I doubt it.
  Editor: Hey, aren’t you the idiot who cc’d everyone saying I look like the AdFreak logo?
  Dave: Oh, OK, AdFreak won’t be paying it’s readers. Oh well, win some, leus some.
  Editor: Leus some?! For God’s sake, get me that Wedding Crashers guy on the phone!

—Posted by David Gianatasio