What’s the shelf life of these golden oldies?


Reruns. They're not particularly appealing when it comes to sitcoms, and they raise eyebrows when they're commercials. I saw two resurrected spots recently that, while good, made me wonder what's up with these clients if they're running ads from agencies they no longer work with. One was for Tabasco, the other for Gatorade. The Gatorade ad, from 2006, has Keith Jackson explaining, in his quintessential staccato delivery, the origins of Gatorade. Thanks, Element 79. The Tabasco ad, from way back in 1998, shows a guy sitting on his front porch, eating pizza doused with the hot sauce. A mosquito bites him, only to explode afterward in a mini-fireball. Thanks, DDB. Now, if only they could get residuals like Seinfeld.

—Posted by Andrew McMains