What’s in the water out in Hollywood?

Richards So, according to Michael Richards, if you’re an African American, you’re entitled to plunk down your money for a little stand-up comedy, but be sure keep your mouth shut and clap politely, or you’ll get some racism thrown your way. Very enlightened, Michael. Clearly you’ve attended the Mel Gibson Aryan School for the Terminally Superior. Unfortunately, the entertainment industry reinforces this bad behavior. David Letterman got his best ratings in a close to a year when Richards appeared last night to apologize and insist he’s no racist. Sound familiar? (Think Mel and Diane Sawyer). There’s a lesson in morality for you. It’s OK to be a vicious, racist, anti-Semitic hatemonger as long as the box office and the ratings remain strong. Don’t even get me started on O.J. and Judith Regan.

—Posted by Steve McClellan