What’s the deal with Pop Secret Mountain?

I’m (mostly) on vacation this week, but the rest of the crew will be around as the week goes on. And I’ll be posting here and there. Here’s a curious Web site: Pop Secret Mountain. It’s full of mad love for Pop Secret popcorn, and parts of it look pretty professional: the videos and wallpapers and so on. Even the unprofessional-looking stuff looks a bit calculated. But the guy who e-mailed us says it isn’t an official brand site. He writes: “My friends and I like popcorn, particularly Pop Secret because of their spirit towards indie film (which we attempt to do). In our own little tribute, we created a series of short films and a crazy character called Kaptain Kat in something we call Pop Secret Mountain. General Mills isn’t paying us, this is all home grown user made stuff from us. We’re not making a penny off the site, we just wanted to show what can be done creatively when users actually care about a product.” Any ideas? UPDATE: This Web site may shed some light.

—Posted by Tim Nudd