What’s up with the Advertising Icon Museum?

IconmuseumAmong the myriad announcements at the kickoff of Advertising Week this morning, there was an update on the Advertising Icon Museum, which is due to open in 2007. It will be made up mostly of items from the advertising memorabilia collection of Bob Bernstein, principal of Bernstein-Rein in Kansas City, Mo. The museum will also be based there. Now we have nothing against the project, but basing the museum in Kansas City seems a bit off. The best place for it would certainly have been New York, for reasons we probably don’t have to detail here. Putting the Advertising Icon Museum in Kansas City seems akin to putting the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Will anyone make a trip to K.C. specifically to see a 7-foot-tall replica of the Jolly Green Giant?

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor