What a long, strange Trippi it’s been

So what do politicos do once the election season is over? For one, they go on what might be called the blogging circuit. At least, that’s the case with Joe Trippi, the Howard Dean campaign guru who back in the halcyon days, earlier this year, made as much news for shoving the Internet and blogs forcefully into the political process as he did for trying to get his candidate nominated.

In Trippi’s case, he’ll be the guest of honor tonight at a party in Manhattan to help launch a new blog aimed at one of the best scapegoats in the blogosphere during times when there isn’t an election: the broadcast news media. Called newsbluntly.com, it’s promising to bring the same blend of gossip, rumor and innuendo to the news business that some might say already exists there. But one wonders whether what it covers will be quite the same without Dan Rather to talk about and, to a much, much lesser extent, Tom Brokaw

(BTW, as far as the party, we’re invited, but can’t go. Which doesn’t mean we’re going to tell you where it is.)

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

Credit: Deutsch Presse Agentur