What Are the Best Looking Beer Cans in America?

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Beer cans are booming, which is great if you like your craft brew easily portable, crushable and recyclable. But it's also great if you're a packaging designer.

The can comeback, led by brands like Ska Brewing, Oskar Blues and New Belgium, has opened up a 360-degree canvas for label designers typically restricted to the few stickers on a beer bottle.

Thrillist has (with the help of CraftCans.com guru and Canned! author Russ Phillips) created a handy gallery of its picks for the "10 coolest-looking beer cans in America." And while I was glad to see a few of my personal favorites on the list (including my friends and neighbors at Good People Brewing in Birmingham, Alabama), I feel like they left off a few brews that are practically works of art.

You can see Phillips' picks above and learn more about each on Thrillist.

Below are a few of my own selections:

21st Amendment: Hell or High Watermelon
I can't say I'm too interested in drinking a watermelon wheat beer, but man, I love the whimsical design.

New Belgium: Shift

Great minimalist design here, especially compared to the brewer's famed Fat Tire look.

MadTree: Gnarly Brown

A beer that looks like it'd drink you if it had the chance.

Brindle Dog: Orange Grove Wheat

This one doesn't seem to be around anymore, but you can read the designer's story here.

What are some of your favorite beer can designs? Or aesthetics aside, what are your favorite canned beers overall?

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