Weight-Loss Ad Might Be the Most Sexist Ever

"Hubby is coming back … I must look fit and pretty." Thus begins this riotous print ad for a weight-loss tablet from India, decried by Jezebel as "one of the worst ads we're ever seen." That assessment's way too harsh. Though clearly an egregious piece of crap, the ad is enormously entertaining. The smiling gal with a logo stuck to her head; the ghost-like image of a baby perched on a sofa in the background for no good reason … yeah, this rocks like only the "best" bad ads can. The translation yields a laughable yet oddly resonant use of language, from the knowing, universal mantra of "I am very much fond of ice creams and fast foods" to the sublimely stilted description of "a dirty tummy with abdominal tyres killing my body shape." (When I look in the mirror, I know just how she feels.) Sure, it's ludicrously sexist, but no more so than that Canadian auto ad comparing women to used cars. What's really disturbing, in my view, is the Jezebel comment thread, in which usage-obsessed nitpickers ignore the ad's substance and take it to task for putting double spaces at the end of sentences. I'd like to think they're goofing around, but no—they're devoid of irony. Damn their dirty tummies! Larger image of the text after the jump.