The Week on AdFreak

Idiotic ad bans, funeral snacks, condom wrappers, and fiery billboards: the week's top posts

The 10 most-read AdFreak stories of the past week:

1. Dodge's Hidden-Vehicle Contest Doesn't Quite Go as Planned

2. Doritos Inventor Dies, Will Be Buried With His Beloved Chips

3. Ireland Bans Powerful Child-Abuse PSA for Idiotic Reason

4. Condom Wrappers by In-N-Out Burger, Other Filthy Marketers

5. Smoke From Outback Steakhouse Billboard Prompts Calls to 911

6. Michael Showalter Does Amusingly Awkward Toyota Yaris Ads

7. Japanese Banana Ad Is 15 Seconds of Awesome

8. The Past and Future Evolution of Famous Brand Logos

9. Maggie Gyllenhaal Does First-Ever Latte 'Got Milk?' Ad

10. Cheese Is Death, Says Grim Reaper Billboard in Wisconsin