The Week on AdFreak

Banksy's advertising rant, a Droga5 creative's life-saving product, and TED's most shareable ads of the year

The 10 most-read AdFreak stories from the past week:

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2. 10 Great Ads That Used to Be Movies

3. Droga5 Creative Invents Adhesive Bandages That Save Lives

4. Banksy on Advertising: Guess What? He Doesn't Love It

5. Obsessed With Advertising? This Is the Award Show for You

6. New 'Mad Men' Poster Hints at Unsettling Season to Come

7. Kellogg Creates Totes Amazeballs Cereal in Response to Tweet

8. Solar Company's Annual Report Is Visible Only in Sunlight

9. Charlie Sheen Storms Back With Great Ads for DirecTV, Fiat

10. Man Surprised to Be in Facebook Ad for Giant Tub of Lube