Weather Channel Soaks People at Bus Shelters in Real Dick Move

New app, though, keeps you from getting wet

Marketers just won't let people waiting in bus shelters have any peace. Case in point: The Weather Channel and ad agency Iris recently tricked out one shelter with hidden sprinklers to promote the client's latest Android app. The app apparently provides such precise forecasts that you might never again be caught in surprise downpours. As an actor checked the app and hurriedly opened his Weather Channel umbrella, the sprinklers were activated, putting a damper on the other people's daily commute. (At certain bus stops, the sudden shower would also have washed away a buttery baked-potato smell.) Bottom line: I feel empowered knowing that, thanks to the Weather Channel, humankind will no longer have to guess what the weather will be like inside covered spaces!

UPDATE: Simon Candy, creative director at Iris in Atlanta, reports that, for legal reasons, only paid actors were used in this stunt. They knew they'd get wet at some point during the commercial shoot that day, but not when or how, so their reactions were, Candy says, as genuine as could be expected.