The way Starbucks sees it

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We usually prefer the Mud Truck, but for whatever reason we got a chai tea latte at Starbucks this morning, and saw this written on the side: “Why are we inspired by another person’s courage? Maybe because it gives us the sweet and genuine surprise of discovering some trace, at least, of the same courage in ourselves. —Laurence Shames, author of Florida Straits, Welcome to Paradise and The Naked Detective.”

Wow, that’s kinda nice. Warm and fuzzy. Wait a minute, what does that fine print say? “This is the author’s opinion, not necessarily that of Starbucks.” Ouch. Less warm. Less fuzzy. What gives? Apparently Starbucks isn’t inspired enough by other people’s courage to tell its legal department where to stick it.

The quotes-on-cups idea, which actually is still kind of cool, is part of a program called The Way I See It. The motley crew appearing on talls, grandes and ventis nationwide also includes Al Franken, Roger Ebert, Stephin Merritt, Goldie Hawn, Keith Olbermann, Ken Burns and Ken Auletta.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.