Watch the First Episode of Rhett & Link’s IFC Show ‘Commercial Kings’

Expect to hear an unforgettable jingle for a colonic clinic, and see a real python, fake AK-47s and stuffed wildlife. Not all in the same commercial, mind you. Even so, YouTube darlings and local-commercial experts Rhett and Link aren't trying to be outrageous for its own sake, the duo said Tuesday on a conference call promoting their new IFC show, Commercial Kings. But to really help local businesses make names for themselves, it's often best to go for the jaw dropper. "These businesses don't have the marketing budget or the energy to try to create buzz around the Internet," Rhett McLaughlin said. "We hope to generate a conversation with these ads." The comedy itself isn't the message, Link Neal added. "It's a means to an end." So, there are "explosions" and machine guns in an upcoming spot for the zen-tastic Yoga Loka in Sacramento, Calif., and its married 70-something owners are dressed like combat-fatigued Rambos. But the point is to get more folks through the door and into the downward-facing dog. Rhett and Link, still producing ads for free, said they're just scratching the surface in rooting out wacky local businesses to work with. Commercial Kings, featuring the stories behind the ads, the characters behind the businesses and the musical-comedy team behind the concepts, premieres Friday at 10 p.m. on IFC. Check out the first episode below.