Warm up with heated ads from Tylenol Cold

Deutsch, Fuel Outdoor and OSI put heating units on Metro Lights displays in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia to tout Tylenol Cold Warming Liquids. According to Deutsch: "Fuel's heated Metro Lights will be placed at eye-level in places where people can interact with the unit, specifically targeting areas such as parking garage entrances where people are looking for a quick warm-up throughout the winter." Unfortunately, the folks on the street who need that warmth most—the homeless—will probably be shooed away by security or the men and women in blue. Judging by the sorry trajectory of the economy, however, the ranks of those without shelter could swell to frightening proportions. Soon, there'll be no one left to shout, "Move along!" So, perhaps Tylenol would be good enough to leave those heaters running for a while. They might ease more pain than anyone imagined.

—Posted by David Gianatasio