Volkswagen Reimagines the Origin of Classic Movie Scenes

DDB brings back 'See Film Differently' series

DDB London's latest iteration of Volkswagen's "See Film Differently" series posits that "some of the most famous moments in cinema were never scripted." I can believe it. Lazy Hollywood screenwriters, cashing huge paychecks and pecking away on solid-gold iPads in their platinum hot tubs, not even doing their jobs, while I toil in obscurity, grinding out AdFreak items for peanuts! Sorry. I have some issues. Anyway, three new spots, directed by Ivan Zacharias and supporting independent cinema, amusingly reveal the unlikely origins of key scenes in Jaws, Taxi Driver and The Silence of the Lambs. They're basically one-joke wonders, but the attention to detail rewards repeat viewings. The look and feel of each film is faithfully reproduced, and period touches add to the fun. Note the shaggy haircut and T-shirt/gym-shorts ensemble that dude sports in the Jaws spot. We all looked like that in '75. I still do. Two more spots after the jump.

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