Vlasic stork returns for big pickle campaign

The Vlasic stork is no Aflac duck. Still, the old ad mascot is back in a new campaign from Publicis & Hal Riney that tweaks the pickle brand’s tagline (from “That’s the best tasting pickle I ever heard” to “That’s the tastiest crunch I ever heard”) and features Nascar’s Kevin Harvick endorsing the product as “the champion pickle” with a crunch that gets him “fired up.” If I were a racecar driver, I’d avoid such potentially combustible wordplay. But if I were a racecar driver, I’d be kicking back in the hot tub with the trophy wife instead of writing this post. Vlasik is also holding a “Crunch Off” (it’s what it sounds like: “Crunch! Crunch!”); a “Vlasik Stork Baby” contest (for human babies, actually); and a “Be the Vlasic Stork” competition (the .001 percent of humans who have beaks have an unfair advantage). The folks who worked all this out get an A+ for effort. Still, I can’t help but think if they stood up in their offices and looked out the window, they might see this stork perched on the ledge, shaking his head sadly and munching on a pickle. (Guess he finally got tired of hanging around outside my cube.)