Visualizing Success: Crafting Personal Brands With Video

Amplifying your presence with compelling visual storytelling with Viral Growth's Kazi Sharar

Leaders from Glossier, Shopify, Mastercard and more will take the stage at Brandweek to share what strategies set them apart and how they incorporate the most valued emerging trends. Register to join us this September 23–26 in Phoenix, Arizona.

There are countless videos across many online platforms catering to a wide range of interests. It’s fascinating how certain videos go viral and become widely viewed by millions of people across the globe, but it’s difficult to predict what makes a video successful. Creative company Viral Growth specializes in TikTok and has devised a formula to help create content that sticks for each of its clients’ specialties.

Viral Growth is a marketing agency that focuses on growing businesses organically. It creates innovative strategies, engaging videos and manages accounts to keep up engagement until leads are converted into revenue across apps, video games and SaaS.

In this episode of Young Influentials, ADWEEK digital editor and host Colin Daniels sits down with co-founder Kazi Sharar as he shares how the company assists creators and entrepreneurs in identifying their niche and developing content that is distinctive, memorable and has the potential to go viral.

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