Vintage Ads All the Rage as ‘Mad Men’ Fever Peaks

Fun '60s set from 'Reminisce' magazine

Newsweek isn't the only magazine coat-tailing it on the long-awaited and much-hyped return this Sunday of AMC's hit drama Mad Men. A magazine called Reminisce is, too. And I'm OK with that, primarily because it's driven the pub to reprint a bunch of really cool '60s ads for smokes, cars and hooch. These print nostalgia pieces remind us that Viceroy had "a thinking man's filter," whatever that was, that baking in the sun was still fashionable, and that cigarettes were constant props in ads that weren't even hawking cigarettes. There are some Mad Men-esque silhouettes added for timely flavor in the slideshow, even though there's no official connection to the series and no real fan could miss the parallel themes. No matter. It's a welcome walk down memory lane to a simpler, more tubercular time.