Villains Step Up in Kellogg's Crunchy Nut's Superhero Campaign

Meet the Boring Breakfast Brotherhood

You've already seen Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal personified as a '60s-style, yellow-spandex-clad superhero fighting to restore flavor to breakfast. Now, in a new video created in collaboration with Funny or Die, meet the villains. Like the rest of the campaign, "The Boring Breakfast Brotherhood" plays on comic-book tropes—in this case, the evil conference-room congregation—only, more bumbling. Cue ringleader "Dry Toast," who knacks of Dick Tracy's Big Boy Caprice, and "Greasy Steak," a rebel reminiscent of a pre-Joker Jack Napier. In what's perhaps the spot's most amusing bit of writing, "Oatmeal" appears incapable of saying anything but his own name. (We like oatmeal, but this seems like an appropriate interpretation of how it would be, if it were a person.) The PR agency, Edelman, says its own Kellogg's-dedicated unit Krispr and its branded entertainment arm Matter led this execution, rather than Leo Burnett, which did the TV campaign. What do you think: Is it a sweet bit of branded entertainment, or does the deliberately overcooked style fall short of delicious?