Viewers Confused, Scared by Honda Civic’s Furry Monster

Having released ads with zombies, ninjas and woodsmen in recent weeks, Honda and RPA have finally unveiled the furry centerpiece of their new Civic campaign—a spot with a monster shopping for clothes. The ad aired on Glee last night, and frightened people across the land. Here's a sampling of the reactions on Twitter:

• "What's up with this new honda civic commercial? What is that thing supposed to be?"

• "W.T.F. is the hairy character in the Honda Civic commercial??"

• "What the fuck is this hairy-where-the-wild-things-are looking creature doing driving in the Honda Civic commercial?"

• "Why the Fuck is there an ewok in the Honda civic commercial?"

• "The new honda civic commercial w/the furry critter scares the absolute shit out of me guaranteeing i'll never buy a honda."

• "What is this MONSTER in this Honda commercial?! Its fuckin disturbing"

• "WTF? Why is there a giant creepy Gremlin in the new Honda Civic commercial?"

• "What the fuck was that furry troll in the Honda commercial???"

• "Ew wth??!! there's like this ugly furby looking thing on a Honda commercial."

• "Just saw a commercial with a big, hairy, ugly thingy dancing and prancing around town. Who thought that would make me buy a @honda civic?"

• "That was a fuckin Ferbie on that Honda commercial. *freaks out*"

• "I'm pretty sure that honda civic commercial with the beast is a metaphor for fat chicks that own cars."

And perhaps most disturbing of all:

• "I love the pink toenail monster in the honda civic commercial. I'd hit that."

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