Your Singing Monobrow Knows You Love Music

Also, a label made for oblivious beer drinkers

Talking body parts are a comic staple in ads. has posted a great spot from this past summer starring not just any old talking body part—a singing monobrow. Yeah, baby. The spot, from Jung von Matt in Germany for the music portal Simfy, doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but that doesn't matter when you have a hairy crevice channeling Kajagoogoo. (The spot has a nice ending, too.) Among the four other new spots on, another favorite is the Andes beer "Ballerina" ad from Argentina, offering the best rationale yet for labels that tell you when your beer is cold. (Spoiler: It's for people who are almost criminally oblivious to their surroundings.) The other new spots include Pepsi's crowd-pleasing "Penguin" ad from a couple of years ago, along with two PSAs—one about safe driving, and one about just being a good person. Isn't that special? See them all at