Very Funny Ads: Young Ladies Are Hazardous to Older Men’s Health

Hefner survives in Bavaria spot, but he's the lucky one

There's a whole advertising genre devoted to pretty young women messing with wealthy old men. It's an archetypal comic relationship, in life and ads. This week, looks at two classic spots from the genre—New Yorker lingerie's "Wedding Night" spot, and Bavaria beer's Hugh Hefner commercial. The latter, in particular, is an inspired piece of work, though you really have to suspend your disbelief to buy the idea that Hefner would ever get tired of half-naked girls having pillow fights on his bed. (Exasperated, he eventually retreats to a hidden underground lair full of dudes, where he can kick back with a Bavaria in peace.) The New Yorker spot is more grimly humorous, as a young gold-digger models her lingerie for her elderly companion on their wedding night. It really ends poorly for the old bugger. (In fact, it's how Hefner will almost certainly meet his maker, too.) The third newly posted commercial is from Wiser's whiskey, and shows a henpecked boyfriend weaseling his way out of an art museum to which his girlfriend has dragged him—much to the delight of some booze hounds over in the corner of the gallery. See all three spots at