VeriSign putting the cart before the horse

McCann Erickson goes hard for the humor in its latest VeriSign campaign. There’s a "Cart Whisperer" named "Liberty Fillmore" who rounds up abandoned shopping carts. The teaser clip above is more amusing than I’d expected, but the shopping-cart metaphor (companies that lose consumer trust also lose customers) was a stretch. Still, VeriSign isn’t Apple, so you’ve got to give the e-commerce infrastructure company points for trying to do something a little different. The YouTube video got 833,000+ views in five days? And almost every comment says “LOL”? The agency’s employees, and their families and friends, must be aching with carpel tunnel. The No More Abandoned Carts site takes the joke a bit too far with copy like “Save a cart, win a thing.” I actually lost IQ points typing that line, and I didn’t have all that many to start with. Hey, ever race shopping carts down store aisles or crash them into BMWs outside a Whole Foods? I’m just curious.

—Posted by David Gianatasio