Velveeta Ads Introduce the Man Your Mom Could Cook Like

Wieden spots echo Old Spice work

Wieden + Kennedy brings an Old Spice vibe to this new campaign for Velveeta Cheesy Skillets, a line of pasta dinner kits from Kraft Foods. The star is a manly 19th-century blacksmith, whose faux-epic mannerisms and vocabulary aren't too far from Mr. Mustafa's. "I see you have found me on the book of face," he says in his first Facebook video, while forging a big iron Like button. And in the first TV spot below, he advises a woman cooking dinner for her clan: "Just brown the meat, stir in the noodles, seasoning, then smite them, smite them with the liquid gold until there can be no more smiting." The onscreen end-line text reads: "Wield the skillet. Forge the family dinner." Wieden account director Kenneth Smith acknowledges the echoes of the Old Spice campaign but says the blacksmith (played by David S. Lee, who portrayed the middle-aged Charles Widmore on Lost) isn't bringing sexy back to packaged dinners. He tells The New York Times: "What we didn't want was sexual tension between the moms and blacksmith, so we were not looking for a lothario-type guy here. This is genuinely a guy who you feel like wants to help you, and is very sincere in that, so sincere that he almost feels a little awkward." More spots after the jump.

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