VampireFreaks endeavor to make amends

In an effort that will no doubt inspire countless lame “blood drive” jokes, has launched a campaign to support the Montreal Children’s Hospital. The goth Web site (no, it’s not related to AdFreak) was regrettably linked to the recent shootings at Dawson College in Montreal, and is attempting to redeem itself. The fundraiser page strongly asserts that VampireFreaks is “raising money to donate to charity, to help people in need, and to show the world that goths are not the scary, evil criminals that some people make us out to be.” I’m sure members such as “Drowning In Blood” and “Dolly Dead” would agree. The goal is to distance the group from Kimveer Gill, a VampireFreaks member who killed a student, wounded a bunch more and then offed himself at Dawson College earlier this month. True goths, of course, are not violent people. They have other interests, like downloading terrible industrial music and mooching clove cigarettes from friends with jobs. Still, VampireFreaks had collected $2,371 as of yesterday. And just in case all this isn’t strange enough, check out the Toronto Sun’s horrified (and uncalled for) response.

—Posted by David Kiefaber