A Valentine’s Day song for me? Awwwww …

In grammar school, I was one of those oddball kids who watched on Valentine's Day as the cool kids traded heart-shaped love notes and chocolates while my misfit friends and I laughed at the ridiculousness of it all. High school was about trading red carnations and having awkward Hallmark moments, but I was never one to buy into it all. Now, if I had only received a Valentine as unique as the video above, maybe my romantic history would have charted a different path and I'd be happily married with a brood of kids by now. Alas, it's taken decades, plus YouTube, to receive the best Valentine ever. So what if it's a publicity stunt for the creative director at Ignited in L.A. who made it? I now have my very own song! And it's catchy, if a little bit disturbing. And it also makes up for the fact that I could never find any of those glittery trinkets my pals toted around that had their names on them. Never could find an Eleftheria keychain, or even an Ellie. Thanks, "Thad," for all the love!

—Posted by Eleftheria Parpis

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